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  2. Satellite dish Requirements: Green Card, Electric Fuse Flick the switch at the metal 2x1 Enter that same building, insert Fuse into fuse box Go to green door on other building Loot: Blue access card, 2 crates
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  4. Advanced tier puzzles are accessible once you've obtained a red card from Medium (Blue) puzzles. They provide better loot than Medium puzzles, and are the hardest to complete overall. This guide shows you how to complete each red puzzle, step by step. Where do you find Red Cards? Red cards are found by solving Medium puzzles. If you have not yet completed any of these, check out our handy guide on how to complete all Medium Blue Puzzles. Can you buy Red Cards? Unlike Blue cards, Red cannot be purchased at the outpost. That said, individual players may sell them at vending machines around the map. Red Monument Puzzle Solutions Military Tunnels Requirements Electric Fuse Green Keycard Blue Keycard Red Keycard Guns! (Scientist NPC's in tunnel) Protection needed 25 rad protection Estimated loot Behind Red door 3x Elite Crate 2x Military Crate 2x Normal Take the right door at the front entrance Head to the right then look for a door marked 'Armory' on the right Go down the hall, first door on the right, find a fuse box and timer (place fuse and activate) Head back out the way you came and down the tunnel as it curves right Look for the hole in the fence on the left, go through it and head left Look for a door marked 'Storage' across the tracks. Swipe Green card. Head to your right and flip the switch labeled 'Laboratory' Head back out and to the left towards the center of the core Grab the elite crates from the center rail car Exit the rail car and head down towards your right Keep heading straight till you see a Blue door on the right marked 'Laboratory' Behind the Blue door you'll find the Red door with a short timer You've now reached the main loot of the puzzle, congrats! Look for the quick exit on your left Launch Site Requirements 2x Electric Fuse Green Keycard Red Keycard Protection needed 25 rad protection to flip all the switches in order to enter the main building The main building itself requires a Rad suit and at least one full water jerry can Estimated loot Behind Red door 2x Elite 2x Military 2x Normal Go to the green building labeled with '011' Flip the switch inside Head past the rocket to the stone building with metal ramp Go down the stairs and into a room on your left - flip that switch Go to the scaffolding and drop down the hole Jump across to the ledge Activate the timer then head through the doorway Jump across the beams to the other side Press the red button Loot that shit then press the other button to get out Now head to the green door at the little building by the 3 silos Put a fuse in the fusebox and flip the switch Go over to the far side of this building, near the two blue containers Inside that door you'll find a fuse box and switch - do it up Exit that building and head to the large building, enter the red door on the right Climb up and get loot. To get out make sure you flick the switch in this room. Original post: Monument Puzzles: Advanced Red Solutions
  5. This thread will be the main thread for the upcoming TurtleCMS for Rust Servers! (WORK IN PROGRESS, COMING SOON.)
  6. Babylon

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  8. Babylon

    Is that a helicopter?

    Yes, that is a patrol helicopter that spawns every couple hours and patrols the map for about 15 minutes. It is extremely deadly and will attack if you have any guns or good armor equipped. Yes, you can fight it. Make sure you have a helicopter base set up and enough supplies, it takes hundreds of shots directly on the rotors to take down, and will fire at you with a deadly M249. If you have building authorization, it will shoot rockets at you multiple times, normal and incendiary. This beast can level your base if you’re not careful.
  9. Babylon

    How do I get guns?

    You can either find them in loot crates, airdrops or helicopter loot boxes, find the components to craft them around the map in crates and barrels after learning them via the blueprint system, or kill someone and take theirs!
  10. Babylon

    How do you get metal frags?

    Gather ore from nodes and on the ground. Kill some animals or other humans, and get animal fat and cloth. Craft it into low grade fuel. You’ll need 50 low grade fuel, 100 wood, and 200 stone to create a furnace where you will cook the ore. Throw in a stack of wood, a few stacks of ore, and turn it on. Alternatively, you could use one of the many recyclers located throughout the map. Cans can also be melted in campfires for small amounts of metal fragments.
  11. Babylon

    What's the best tool?

    The hunting bow is best for hunting animals, stone spear is best for PvP early on. Metal hatchets are best for harvesting animals. Salvaged axe is best for harvesting wood. Salvaged Ice Pick is best for harvesting stone nodes, with the fastest gather time and good durability. For raiding, hatchets and pickaxes are best for backwards wood and stone walls, respectively. Metal and above, C4 and rockets will be best. Just getting started? Your rock will be your best friend for awhile.
  12. Babylon

    Do animals hurt you?

    Wolves and bears yes, they are fast and deadly, avoid them until you have the proper gear to take them on. Deer, boars, horses, and chickens may also attack but in a less deadly manner.
  13. Babylon

    Where are the animals?

    Animals are all around, but if there are a lot of people on the server they may be scarce. Prey may turn tail and run at the sight of you. Your best tools are your eyes and your ears.
  14. Yes, however, any building block above twig doesn’t take very much damage from stone hatchet or rock.
  15. Babylon

    Can you teleport?

    No. Although admins do have the ability to teleport, players on vanilla Rust servers do not have the ability to teleport.
  16. Babylon

    Is there a new map?

    Yes, maps are generally procedurally generated based off of a seed number and world size. This means there is a number which generates the terrain when any given server is started. There are 10's of millions of possible seed's so, for all intents and purposes, the map is random for any given server you join. World size varies from 1000 to 6000 (default is 4000). Pressing the letter “G” in game will display the current server map with handy coordinates.
  17. Babylon

    How do I view my FPS?

    Open console (F1) Type: perf 1 (perf 2 through perf 5 will show additional statistics)
  18. Babylon

    Do I really have to eat/drink?

    Yes. Metabolism is an important factor in Rust. When you’re starving you won’t be able to heal, and at 0 food you will lose 1 health every ~10 seconds. When you’re dehydrated you won’t be able to run. You can eat and drink almost any food you can find, make sure your food isn’t raw (on a campfire, 3 wood will cook food and 6 more will burn it), cooked human meat will dehydrate you, and pickles can sometimes make you sick causing severe dehydration and health loss.
  19. Babylon

    Do sleeping bags work?

    They are crafted with 30 cloth When they are first placed they are assigned to you. You can assign them to other players or pick them up by holding E on them and selecting the option. You can place down multiple bags nearby, but all bags within 20 foundations of the last one used will share a cooldown. They have a 300 second cooldown. Beds are now in the game. They cost a bit more, and components, but only have a 120 second cooldown. Beds will also have a shared cooldown if they’re too close. Beds can be picked up with a hammer and building privilege, bags can be picked up anywhere.
  20. Babylon

    How do I go into 3rd person?

    Users cannot go into third person right now.
  21. Babylon

    Is fall damage on?

    Yes, and it can be brutal. If you take less than 20 fall damage, no one will know, but take over 20 fall damage, and anyone around will hear a loud crunch sound.
  22. Babylon

    Can I Swim?

    Yes you can! You will not take damage falling into deep water. Careful not to stay underwater too long, you can and will drown. An orange bar will appear over your health letting you know when you are drowning, and you will begin to rapidly lose health the longer you drown. There is a wetness percentage, and the wetter you are the colder you can be. This changes between biomes, and/or day or night time. You can dry off by either standing by a fire or going to a more warmer biome. Putting on clothes/wearing clothes will keep you warmer, but beware, some armor will make you more cold than without it.
  23. They are all lootable, and the easiest way to find components for crafting!
  24. Babylon

    What are blueprints?

    Learning blueprints gives you the knowledge to craft learned items in the future.
  25. Babylon

    How do I use voice chat?

    The default voice communication key is V. Your character’s mouth will move. Voice is range/location based, the closer you are the louder the voice will be, so listen carefully!
  26. Babylon

    How do I turn off grass?

    ou currently can’t turn off grass. You can, however, tweak your settings to make it less obnoxious/improve your performance.
  27. Babylon

    How do I kill myself?

    Open console (F1) Type: kill This has a 1 minute cooldown, so no spamming!
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