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    Name: Chi (Or banana) Age: 16 Working microphone?: Yes Timezone: US East Country: North America Tell us about yourself: Junior in high school, taking hard classes so I won't be on every day. Play CS:GO quite frequently as well as osu!. I'm pretty mellow and laid back but I try to stick to the rules. Why do you want to be a Moderator?: I've already been an Admin in a different server (ck server) and it was fun for the most part, you get to see a lot of regulars and talk to people. Why should you become a Moderator?: As stated previously, I was an Admin for a different server, and still am but currently, the server is under maintenance. I follow the rules and usually give people warnings, I also help out people when they need it. Past experience: I wasn't part of the staff on this server but I still currently am on a different server that is under maintenance. I usually just stayed and chatted with players and kept them in order explaining things going with the servers, if any rules were broken, etc. SCENARIOS: 1. Someone is mic-spamming/flaming or other in chat/voice; What do you do? Answer: First starts with talking it out, so I would tell them to bring their voice down or stop, then if they don't stop then it goes to a warning explaining the circumstances if they continue then a 15 minute mute, and goes on from there. 2. Another member of staff is not correctly fulfilling their role, e.g. (Power abuse/Ignoring problems) what would be the correct course of action for you to take? Answer: Start talking it out and explain to them that they should do their job, a bit of leniency is fine but there is a clear difference between leniency and not doing your job, if it continues then I would post it on the forum with evidence for other moderators to see and evaluate or contact Babylon.
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    Hey guys Kindle here. Its probably because I played way too much tonight but I am kind of letting the server get to me in terms of how im doing and I wish that for once there could be more seriousness. I am really trying to do my best as staff and even tonight I asked what I can do better and there was no serious responses I would really appreciate feedback. I really care about the community and the server and I hope that shows. Just let me know what I can do. TY.
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    You play osu? Should be an auto accept from xerxes
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    I like the way you act and think. Questions were answered perfectly. +1, best of luck!
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    The thing is, personally I don't feel like there is much more to do. You take your position seriously and know how to address them. That's why I didn't respond when you asked, I mean there is only so much you can do when like 70% of the people there don't take topics seriously. Just keep up the good work. (Granted I have not been on this server as much as others so I'm basing it off of a minute amount of time.)
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    You're still very new to the staff team, give it some time+activity and you'll be good when you join the servers! I think you're doing a very good job in managing everything i've given you and you're my left hand now you know, and Xerxes is my right hand. I don't think i have anything constructive or negative to say so i'll leave this image below. ~THREAD WILL BE HIGHLY MONITORED FOR INFRINGEMENT OF GUIDELINES & TERMS OF SERVICE.~
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    Most people on the server will never be serious, even in super important conversations. So you just have to learn how to translate memes into meaning and how to ignore things that bother you. You seem pretty good. <:
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    learn some more memes joke around a little more games are meant to be fun <3
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    Just be you. Enjoy being you and keep being you. You're a good Staff member, Kindle.
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    Well, First of all dont let people get to you in terms because your how old? and your going to orlando to help out and in college just be more strict with the server just because your female people think its funny to mess around with you little to theyre knowledge they dont know what you can do lmao just keep your chin up
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    Thanks for the feedback, to elaborate on the 2 positions thing. Let me first explain ck Surf. So originally the surf server was VG, stuff happened and eventually, the owner stopped caring and such. A group of us (Maziak[Formally soups], Deliverus[Can't remember old name] and I) started a new surf server, I was administered one of the top admins just since I knew the people and they trusted me but currently, the server is just "there". This is because many of us are currently busy and trying to juggle the server + our own lives, mostly with school and such, this proved to be difficult so currently the server runs and such but it hasn't been worked on since the Summer. I was given the option to have server commands like zoning, changing parts etc but I chose not too so trying to juggle the server and all wasn't that difficult as compared to the owners. I don't go very often there since at the moment it is essentially dead but from what I noticed is that it peaks in the summertime. @Babylon The thing about staff abusing was just from my old server so if you'd prefer I would go directly to you or Kindle (And also I did forget about Kindle since I'm not used to there being a Chief of Staff so it didn't cross my mind) And to answer your question, no I would not pick favorites especially given the fact that this server is 102.4 tick and the other is 64 tick. For me, I find that a plus since I love both of those tick rates. The only issue of leaving of sorts, in my opinion, would be when I lose interest in surfing, that is not forever though. I sometimes "cycle out" in which I sometimes do lots of surfing, other times lots of bhopping, and other times lots of comp. That may be a deciding factor in your decision so I thought you should know. Sorry for the long reply but it would be best to explain it all.
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    Very decent application, only thing I don’t like is that you’re apart of another community and the fact you wouldn’t go straight to me or kindle if a staff member is abusing their powers, what good does it make if you talk to them? It’ll only cause unnecessary drama. ~ however if they don’t fulfill their role it would be good, just not if their abusing. About the other server thing, here’s another question for you. Do you think you would be able to manage 2 staff positions at 2 different servers and give the outmost best attention to both of them? Would you have favorites and leave the other community once you get tired of it? Keep in mind your application was very good, very informative and good answers in general, I enjoyed reading it. +1
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    +1 Pretty active Mature and not toxic
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    We're not really looking for players that are apart of multiple communities, so if you want to become a moderator here it'd be best that you gave up your staff position elsewhere. Decent app, but Turtle Gaming looks for people to be committed to the servers and the community, preferably exclusively.
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    Yeah if you could formulate/edit your post to be more appropriate that would be much appreciated. We need more information that is serious and critical of the role that is moderator. We/I would like to see you be more detailed and much more mature in hopes of obtaining the staff role here at Turtle Gaming, if you could kindly edit out the racism and all the cuss words that would also be very helpful. Thanks, Kindle.
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    Your staff application is currently under review. I will be following up with some questions over discord if you have the time. Please respond back to me through here, discord or via pm here. Thank you for applying, Kindle
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    +1 seems nice but i would like to see talk more and be more active in the community