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  1. Lupe Fiasco - Jump ft. Gizzle

  2. Fakie420/ Surf US/ Moderator

    +1 Loveable kid from le old TG
  3. Chi | Surf NY | Moderator

    User has been interviewed and accepted as staff member. Application: Accepted
  4. mark | Surf NY | Moderator

    Very good application. i don’t have anything constructive to say and you were very informative and your grammar was great. +1
  5. Chi | Surf NY | Moderator

    Very decent application, only thing I don’t like is that you’re apart of another community and the fact you wouldn’t go straight to me or kindle if a staff member is abusing their powers, what good does it make if you talk to them? It’ll only cause unnecessary drama. ~ however if they don’t fulfill their role it would be good, just not if their abusing. About the other server thing, here’s another question for you. Do you think you would be able to manage 2 staff positions at 2 different servers and give the outmost best attention to both of them? Would you have favorites and leave the other community once you get tired of it? Keep in mind your application was very good, very informative and good answers in general, I enjoyed reading it. +1
  6. Madness/NY Surf/Moderator

    Please use the edit button.
  7. Madness/NY Surf/Moderator

    You completely missunderstood a few questions and left a bad answer to it. ( Past experience for example. ) You don't go to me directly when reporting a staff member, if i am online you may go to me or preferably @ImJustKindle, i will take care of it immediately, but keep in mind if no recording or VALID evidence is shown, nothing will be done against it. You're too young. ~ However i just noticed you turn 15 in 2 week, this matters, thank you for the information. You could leave some more information about yourself and make a better application. I will give you 24 hours to edit your post, if you fail to make an informative application within this timeframe, your application will be automatically denied. I would recommend you to look at others applications and see how they did theirs to improve your own. However if you copy one it will be denied.
  8. Feedback for Kindle as Staff

    You're still very new to the staff team, give it some time+activity and you'll be good when you join the servers! I think you're doing a very good job in managing everything i've given you and you're my left hand now you know, and Xerxes is my right hand. I don't think i have anything constructive or negative to say so i'll leave this image below. ~THREAD WILL BE HIGHLY MONITORED FOR INFRINGEMENT OF GUIDELINES & TERMS OF SERVICE.~
  9. Hello everyone, this is a detailed guide on how to properly apply for a staff rank here @ turtlegaming.net. Step 1: Register an account Remember to fill out all fields correctly. You may also use Steam to sign up! Step 2: Go here ~ Keep this open !! Read the whole post and go to the first quote you see expand it and copy the content of the quotation. Then you go here and hit "Start new topic". Step 3: CTRL + V ( Or the equivalent to this. ) to paste your copied content. Should be looking similarly to this: Step 4: Fill out the appropriate title for you application, mine would look like this: Step 5: Fill out your application with your information. Now your application should look like this: Step 6: Post your thread and then wait for @ImJustKindle to look at your application, if you get accepted more information may be given to you such as commands lsit etc. which can also be found in our staff section here on the forums. Please don't forget to read our overall guidelines and remember to strictly follow the rules. Thank you.
  10. Please make me Admin

  11. Names Big Mike...

    Big Mike is my big dude. I jerked off 4 times already while reading this introduction, it was that great.
  12. Application Guidelines.

    These guidelines has to be followed as of 11/15/2017 @ 03:00, UTC+01:00. Make sure you're under the following criteria before applying: Atleast 15 years old. (Moderator) Common knowledge of surfing. First login atleast 1 week ago on application date. ( This can be overseen from time to time. ) Natural maturity. If you fail to follow these criterias your application will be denied, without question. Current staff position status @ Surf NY: Moderator: Open Senior moderator: Promotional Admin: Promotional Senior Admin: Promotional Application Rules: Title must follow the given format. Content of application must follow the given format. Extra added question etc. may be added for better quality. You must have read the current rules which can be found here. Knowledge of commands etc. is not a requirement, list of commands will be provided under the forum staff sections. You must have read and understood the staff guidelines. - Do not think of our server as someone else's, think of it as if you own it, and what would you do to perfect it, while following our rules & guidelines, thank you.
  13. We're now accepting donations! Navigate to the donation page to donate.
  14. This thread will be representing a contest we will run every month. All you have to do is login, and reply to this thread, and you will be into the contest for this month. A post will be posted by me, whenever we found one. Current price pool: 25000 Store Credits