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  1. Feedback for Kindle as Staff

    Thank you so much for all the love. I really appreciate it <3
  2. Dustin | Surf | Moderator

    Your application is currently being reviewed. I do have some concerns for your application I would like to see some more detail and because I don't remember seeing a "Dustin" could you please tell me what your ign is? Also I am not sure of your activity level so if you know often you can be on that would be really helpful. Thank you, Peyton.
  3. Kerm | Surf NY | Moderator

    After careful review you are being currently denied because of your immaturity that I have seen on the server. I have had some issues with you being rude and also not being very helpful to other players. All I ask is if you please be more appropriate to staff because in order to be staff you need to treat everyone equally. You may reapply in two weeks and thank you for applying have a good day. -Peyton
  4. Madness/NY Surf/Moderator

    Your interview is currently under review. I thank you for applying for moderator on our surf server. The only issues I am thinking of that might cause an issue is the mic issue, if I recall correctly that your mic is kind of echoish and that you are currently trying to get a new one. Do you know when you will be getting a new one, I also appreciate that you told us when you will be turning 15 since you are a year younger then our age guidelines. Please get back to me with your answers via PM here, discord or steam if you have me added. Do not respond to this post. Thank you, Peyton.
  5. Chi | Surf NY | Moderator

    After reviewing your application for staff, you will now be considered for the interview process. Please contact me via here (PM), or on steam (if you have me added) or on discord if you have it. Please give me a time that you are available. Thank you for applying and I hope to talk to you soon. (NOTE: Thread will be locked until accepted or denied.)
  6. Windows | Surf NY | Moderator

    After looking at your application and seeing that you have been warned several times we are currently going to deny your application. You may reapply in two weeks if you would like. I would appreciate it if you approached me about your application interview slightly more appropriately and if you didnt have a solid warning. Thank you for applying and have a good day. (LOCKED)
  7. Feedback for Kindle as Staff

    Hey guys Kindle here. Its probably because I played way too much tonight but I am kind of letting the server get to me in terms of how im doing and I wish that for once there could be more seriousness. I am really trying to do my best as staff and even tonight I asked what I can do better and there was no serious responses I would really appreciate feedback. I really care about the community and the server and I hope that shows. Just let me know what I can do. TY.
  8. stoney/Surf NY/Moderator

    Yeah if you could formulate/edit your post to be more appropriate that would be much appreciated. We need more information that is serious and critical of the role that is moderator. We/I would like to see you be more detailed and much more mature in hopes of obtaining the staff role here at Turtle Gaming, if you could kindly edit out the racism and all the cuss words that would also be very helpful. Thanks, Kindle.
  9. Please make me Admin

    I understand that other members of the community/staff are joking with you but if you are going to apply for staff please be serious and take into consideration troll posts like this do not help your case. If you would actually like to apply please copy the outline, complete it and post appropriately. I will be locking this post so no more trolling comments/random posts will be made. Thank you, Kindle.
  10. Windows | Surf NY | Moderator

    Your staff application is currently under review. I will be following up with some questions over discord if you have the time. Please respond back to me through here, discord or via pm here. Thank you for applying, Kindle