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  1. mark | Surf NY | Moderator

    Impressive application.
  2. Fakie420/ Surf US/ Moderator

    +420 best staff ♥
  3. Border | Surf NY | Mod

    We appreciate your interest in becoming staff on our server! However, I do recommend you make a few small edits to maybe include more details in your answers, as it's hard to get an idea about you with short, very direct responses. Things such as your scenario answers could be expanded upon a bit and altered slightly, but other than that you seem to be capable of taking things seriously. Have a good one. <:
  4. Chi | Surf NY | Moderator

    We're not really looking for players that are apart of multiple communities, so if you want to become a moderator here it'd be best that you gave up your staff position elsewhere. Decent app, but Turtle Gaming looks for people to be committed to the servers and the community, preferably exclusively.
  5. Madness/NY Surf/Moderator

    @Madness You have the ability to edit this post. Just edit the post with the appropriate answers. Please don't make another forum post.
  6. Madness/NY Surf/Moderator

    Unfortunately according to our Application Guidelines you're currently too young to apply for the moderator position. I'll leave it be temporarily to allow Babylon, Kindle etc. to review it regardless.
  7. Feedback for Kindle as Staff

    Most people on the server will never be serious, even in super important conversations. So you just have to learn how to translate memes into meaning and how to ignore things that bother you. You seem pretty good. <:
  8. stoney/Surf NY/Moderator

    Sorry, but applications need to be taken seriously and if they're to stay on the forums they have to be appropriate.
  9. stoney/Surf NY/Moderator

    Editing post to adhere to forum guidelines. Please follow our Forum Guides.
  10. Please make me Admin

    Archiving since it's locked.
  11. RamKing I NY SURF I ADMINE

    +1 'cause he's cool as far as I know.
  12. Names Big Mike...