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  1. Also make it so you can see your speed before your timer actually starts, its real annoying not being able to see when your trying to prestrafe and you go over the limit to have your speed reset
  2. Place most of the maps in the admin menu into the nominate/points list and upload maps to fastdl. (many maps are combat surf maps though and there are maps that have multiple versions that we don't need) talk to tech support about the maps that cannot be placed in fastdl as a .bz2 (Any map that is bigger than 250 mb's in its .bsp form cannot be downloaded in .bz2, all that needs to happen is that the .bz2 needs to be replaced by the .bsp) fix the bots, if you can just write a plugin that once the server loads the bots get turned off and back on, most of the time the bots aren't loaded and doing this fixes them for the map cycle. add stage, and checkpoint records. (Once people get better at surfing, they care less about map times and more about improving each part of a map and so they may leave to go to other servers that do have these) add a way to extend the time when voting on the next map, essentially the exact same as if i did /extend 10, but just add an extend option to the voting when it comes time to choose the next map. I cannot think of anything else to put here, comment below with additional necessities.