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    Name: stoneyAge: 2Working microphone?: yeah.Timezone: EasternCountry: usaTell us about yourself: deep voice, witty attitude, small ####, gamma male, and a semi-positive role model for the youth.Why do you want to be a Moderator?: i play on this server too damn much, heavily liked by many i'd assume, and it ain't no thang but a chicken wang homie.Why should you become a Moderator?: i'm on the server at least every other night for a few hours if not every night if time permits, i'm helpful as #, nice as #, mean as #, and i have experience in this #.Past experience: ds surf server. Admin for 3 months then they # the bed.SCENARIOS:1. Someone is mic-spamming/flaming or other in chat/voice; What do you do?Answer: tell that [] to pipe down or he's getting the pipe down his/her throat.2. Another member of staff is not correctly fulfilling their role, e.g. (Power abuse/Ignoring problems) what would be the correct course of action for you to take?Answer: OOOOHHH IM TELLLIINNNN. Bet, my ass aint no snitch, but you see that []? He [] up and here's how.