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    Name: Kerm (irl is Bram)Age: 15Working microphone?: Blue Yeti Silver EditionTimezone: ESTCountry: CanadaTell us about yourself: I'm a 15 year old boy who loves to play video games (who doesnt) I was born in Ontario Canada and lived there for about 2 years until moving to England for a 4 years then moving back to where I was born ,my favorite food is Werthers Caramels and my favorite song is Transportin By Kodak Black, I have 2 sisters and I like to ski and go fishing with my family, I played csgo for quite a while on an account with a nice inventory but I gradually got bored of the game so I got really into H1Z1 , I came back to CSGO a week or two ago and I want to get back into CS. I remember loving surfing and being quite decent at it. A few other things about me I have a very bright mind and I love dreaming and thinking things through in my head I am really dedicated to my work , I am a trust worth person and I always make 100% sure that my quality of work is good and respectable , If I were accepted onto the Turtle Gaming staff team I would carry this over indefinitely , I would do no work that I was ashamed of or that I think wouldn't shine a respectable light onto Turtle Gaming Staff Team. If this ever happens I will without a doubt resign myself because work any short of that is not what Turtle Gaming and Its community deserves Why do you want to be a Moderator? I want to make a greater impact on everyone I meet on the server , whether its helping them out , getting to know them or possibly playing alongside them! I want to fill some space and I think helping out on a server would be great!Why should you become a Moderator?: I am a very loving person and open to any conversation (that is appropriate) I engage with people and make them feel like they are heard. I love helping and this is a trait that will never leave me , I wouldn't waste the time of the people reading my application If I didn’t think I would make a great addition to the staff team. I am likeable and low conflict , I aim for an equal and honorable community making nobody feel left out , I am funny and I have great empathy and respect for all people , no matter their race, orientation, gender and especially age. I know there is a lot of younger players in the community and I hope I can become a role model and reflect good behavior onto many of them , these skills I have learned from many people from gaming and real life. I hope to pass part of these traits on to other players of the community by doing my share of ridding the players that join the server to ruin others experience on Turtle Gaming!Past experience: Not any on CSGO or GMod , of course Mine-craft (I know lame) the server I was a junior staff on had a constant 400-500 people on and around 1-2k people when it was a good day, It was a good experience but nothing really major.SCENARIOS:1. Someone is mic-spamming/flaming or other in chat/voice; What do you do?Answer: Most definitely mute the person , if it is something minor like echoing without knowing it or talking loudly or being offensive I would warn them , If it continued I would !mute them issuing a 30 minute mute.2. Another member of staff is not correctly fulfilling their role, e.g. (Power abuse/Ignoring problems) what would be the correct course of action for you to take?Answer: In this situation I would try to immediately contact someone to the staffs superiority to try to DE-escalate the situation and not overstep my permissions