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  2. It's possible to see players hat models even after you've done "!hide", I saw this on surf_mesa_fix (I think) so I'm not sure if it's just on that map or not.
  3. Either A) Get rid of the golden knife on Surf Utopia [You'd have to reset times] Or B) Get rid of HE Grenades or Incendiary's when getting the golden knife. They are a real issue when on that map since people will start spamming them all around becoming incredibly irritating.
  4. Chi | Surf NY | Moderator

    Thanks for the feedback, to elaborate on the 2 positions thing. Let me first explain ck Surf. So originally the surf server was VG, stuff happened and eventually, the owner stopped caring and such. A group of us (Maziak[Formally soups], Deliverus[Can't remember old name] and I) started a new surf server, I was administered one of the top admins just since I knew the people and they trusted me but currently, the server is just "there". This is because many of us are currently busy and trying to juggle the server + our own lives, mostly with school and such, this proved to be difficult so currently the server runs and such but it hasn't been worked on since the Summer. I was given the option to have server commands like zoning, changing parts etc but I chose not too so trying to juggle the server and all wasn't that difficult as compared to the owners. I don't go very often there since at the moment it is essentially dead but from what I noticed is that it peaks in the summertime. @Babylon The thing about staff abusing was just from my old server so if you'd prefer I would go directly to you or Kindle (And also I did forget about Kindle since I'm not used to there being a Chief of Staff so it didn't cross my mind) And to answer your question, no I would not pick favorites especially given the fact that this server is 102.4 tick and the other is 64 tick. For me, I find that a plus since I love both of those tick rates. The only issue of leaving of sorts, in my opinion, would be when I lose interest in surfing, that is not forever though. I sometimes "cycle out" in which I sometimes do lots of surfing, other times lots of bhopping, and other times lots of comp. That may be a deciding factor in your decision so I thought you should know. Sorry for the long reply but it would be best to explain it all.
  5. Feedback for Kindle as Staff

    The thing is, personally I don't feel like there is much more to do. You take your position seriously and know how to address them. That's why I didn't respond when you asked, I mean there is only so much you can do when like 70% of the people there don't take topics seriously. Just keep up the good work. (Granted I have not been on this server as much as others so I'm basing it off of a minute amount of time.)
  6. Chi | Surf NY | Moderator

    Name: Chi (Or banana) Age: 16 Working microphone?: Yes Timezone: US East Country: North America Tell us about yourself: Junior in high school, taking hard classes so I won't be on every day. Play CS:GO quite frequently as well as osu!. I'm pretty mellow and laid back but I try to stick to the rules. Why do you want to be a Moderator?: I've already been an Admin in a different server (ck server) and it was fun for the most part, you get to see a lot of regulars and talk to people. Why should you become a Moderator?: As stated previously, I was an Admin for a different server, and still am but currently, the server is under maintenance. I follow the rules and usually give people warnings, I also help out people when they need it. Past experience: I wasn't part of the staff on this server but I still currently am on a different server that is under maintenance. I usually just stayed and chatted with players and kept them in order explaining things going with the servers, if any rules were broken, etc. SCENARIOS: 1. Someone is mic-spamming/flaming or other in chat/voice; What do you do? Answer: First starts with talking it out, so I would tell them to bring their voice down or stop, then if they don't stop then it goes to a warning explaining the circumstances if they continue then a 15 minute mute, and goes on from there. 2. Another member of staff is not correctly fulfilling their role, e.g. (Power abuse/Ignoring problems) what would be the correct course of action for you to take? Answer: Start talking it out and explain to them that they should do their job, a bit of leniency is fine but there is a clear difference between leniency and not doing your job, if it continues then I would post it on the forum with evidence for other moderators to see and evaluate or contact Babylon.