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    Name: Alec Smith (Border)Age: 20Working microphone?: YesTimezone: CentralCountry: USATell us about yourself: I enjoy gaming. I make better discord themes for fun. Airsoft is a hobby of mine.Why do you want to be a Moderator?: Because you can never have to many Mods or admins on a single server.Why should you become a Moderator?: I'm laid back but will take action when neededPast experience: I've never been a stuff member of any csgo server but I have been admin, co-owner, and mod on Garry's Mod. I'm an Admin on a Insurgency server right nowSCENARIOS:1. Someone is mic-spamming/flaming or other in chat/voice; What do you do?Answer: Server mute them for 30 minutes2. Another member of staff is not correctly fulfilling their role, e.g. (Power abuse/Ignoring problems) what would be the correct course of action for you to take?Answer: Go to a higher up staff or straight to the owner