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  1. Hopsin - Happy Ending <3

  2. Chi | Surf NY | Moderator

    I like the way you act and think. Questions were answered perfectly. +1, best of luck!
  3. Feedback for Kindle as Staff

    Just be you. Enjoy being you and keep being you. You're a good Staff member, Kindle.
  4. Please make me Admin

    Awhmaigawd veri gud staff noyes?

    Huuuuuge +1I love this dude and he's proven to be mature at serious situations.
  6. Shit Babylon needs to do

    Mentioning @Babylon for assistant.
  7. Bred

    You look good with my sausage inside of you. Welcome to the forums and the community!
  8. Levi : Surf NY : Mod

    Application: Accepted Accepted as Trial Staff. I will personally keep a close eye on you for not-gonna-say reasons. Please add me on Steam at your earliest convenience. Closed.
  9. Raven application

    Application: Denied. Reason: Unknown by Staff ~ probably not active. Closed.
  10. Levi : Surf NY : Mod

    Application: ON HOLD Reason: Need more Staff members to give their opinions
  11. Raven application

    Application: ON HOLD Reason: Need more Staff members to give their opinions
  12. Dylaan Application

    Application: Denied. Reason: Not active on the server enough / newbie. Closed.
  13. Dylaan Application

    Please provide more information.
  14. RamKing | Surf NY | Moderator

    Application: Accepted. Please contact me when you can. Closed.