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    Can you guys stop scamming me pls
  5. Name: Matthew Clarke Age: 15 Mic: Yes, Blue Snowball Timezone: EST(Eastern Standard Time) Country: Canada About me: My name is Matthew, I am 15 years of age. I enjoy playing sports and playing video games. On occasion, I can be funny but other times I'm as dull as an unsharpened pencil. Why do I want to become a moderator? I want to become a moderator so I can assist higher staff members to control the server. I would like to help lower the rates of micspam, earape and players playing music. Why I should become a moderator. I should become a moderator because I feel like the server would greatly benefit from another staff member to help control the servers population. Past experience: I've been a moderator, admin on a variety of servers from a variety of games. I have also been a moderator on this very own Turtle Gaming server, but unfortunately, I resigned because of the amount of schoolwork. SCENARIOS 1. If a player is mic-spamming I would give him/her a verbal warning. If that player decides to ignore my warning I will enforce a 15 minute mute. If the player continues to mic-spam after their muted period has concluded I will enforce another mute but for 30 minutes. 2. If another staff member is not doing their job (abusing power) I would ask the staff if they could stop and I would try to convince them that what they are doing is wrong. If the staff member is not listening to me I would contact a higher ranking staff member.