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  1. Mute Appeal

    Okay this is my last straw sorry for taking up a large chunk of your time. I apologize for the time annoying you it was not to be pushy or trolly i am genuinely a bubbly and extroverted person, and if you get the chance to know me more that would be convincing. i also know i am loud. that branches off of extroversion. if an admin tells me to quiet down, i’ll quiet down. i’m not disrespectful unless i am mad and i will apologize for times being such, as i did in my above post. At the time of my mute, evidently yesterday, i was not mic spamming. maybe people were annoyed. i wouldn’t know because i recieved no warning. i wouldn’t know the reason in the first place if i wasn’t shown admin chat. i would appreciate being unmuted, because as i said before, if i ever do something to be muted again, i have no room to complain. it will put me on thin ice which is actually more advantageous to the people who dislike me. i don’t think at the time of the mute, i did anything wrong. two weeks is also tremendously long. people have never been muted that long. it’s been a day. in my opinion that’s fair punishment. but it’s your call. if you still believe it’s all fair, so be it. it’s your server. i will wait it out and try not to make it happen again. but i will not change my personality. i won’t play ear rape or scream which follow your rules. but i will not stop talking or making friends just because i am a girl.
  2. Mute Appeal

    I don't mean to be rude, but could you please send the complaints of these players. If, yesterday, I was being complained about, can i see the messages, that are from yesterday. They shouldn't be hard to uncover. If not, I have no reason to believe there was a reason to mute me. Because you WERE not on the server. You came on for the sole purpose of banning me. I digress though, because obviously my reasoning is not matched. I gave a "proper reason" above, and if you do not find it to be so, then i guess i will have to wait out the mute.
  3. Count to 10,000

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  4. Mute Appeal

    Here you go This satire to show the ridiculousness of my post is ineffective because i stated, quite clearly, why I posted it in the area i did This is contradictory because if you want to make your people happy, why have a staff member that is greatly disliked by your community, and your staff nonetheless. On the other hand i have no authority to override your or the person in charge of the promotion's opinion. This is quite cute because both times, i wasn't doing anything. The first time, and i remember quite clearly, i was just saying hi to you and talking. Yeah, maybe it annoyed you. If I am not allow to annoy you, put it in the rules. The second time, you got on JUST to ban me. I have seen the screenshots of the chat. Nothing was said to solidify any wrong doing other than your chief of staff saying I am annoying, just because, god forbid, I am a girl as well. This might not be the reason, but i have not been shown anything to believe otherwise. I also did nothing to harm, disrupt, or intrude on anything Kindle has ever done. To further this, I have been on the server less than 10 times. And through these times I have already made friends. That is the primary reasoning for joining communities in the first place. Trust me, I know from an experience of a multitude of communities, owners just are not active. So i will not point on that. On a plus side, you seem to get on more than the average owner. Congrats. You have a good community and a great admin. There is no reason to suppress it because someone has an itch for another player. i get what power does to people's head. It is adorable. But there's no reason poke at me for no reason. If you have a reason, show it to me please. i would love to see this ample supply of people complaining. I read your full response through multiple times. It makes no sense that you just keep contradicting yourself instead of realizing, you have no reason. And if you do, prove me wrong. Please. Get this, people are not going to like me. It is for obvious reasons. But I know people who do like me. One of your admins (the only one actually) put out for me just recently. It is not a matter of if i am annoying. Its unprofessional to just stick out fallacy after fallacy because you are trying to with-hold some integrity. As for a reason to unmute me, there was no reason to mute me in the first place. That is just that. I have two first person accounts, which in the court of law would trump pretty much any other piece of evidence in a case by word, which this is, that say i was not doing anything wrong. One of which was an admin, who, you should, hold to some kind of power. It makes no sense to mute someone for two weeks, because someone CLAIMS i was mic spamming. You were not on to experience it nor was there any solid proof of me doing so. Again, if you have some, show it to me. In the long run though, i have no power to say anything about the integrity of your staff. So I apologize for the ridiculousness of my post. I did it for satirical and rhetorical purpose to show the ridiculousness of my mute. I do apologize for having offended anyone, especially kindle. I don't mean to annoy anyone, and i do realize on occasions there is reason to mute me. I wish to be reconsidered for the long term mute, so whenever you have a reason to mute me, i will not have any reason to complain, especially if it is this long or even longer. I also thank you greatly for reconsidering my ban. It was generous of you, and I know, beggers can not be chosers, but i wish to try for a reconsideration of my mute as well. Thank you if you read that all. It was a bit. I hope you will reconsider.
  5. Mute Appeal

    If they are a week ago then why was I muted yesterday?
  6. Count to 10,000

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  7. Mute Appeal

    Just to begin with um this is for a mute not a ban but there is no mute appeal. I feel like that might be because being muted for two weeks is like not a thing but its okay i'm here to redeem myself. Your in-game name: Jackie Drinkr of Chocolate Milk Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:94067206 Region (EU/NA/AU): US didn't find that in the multiple choice so i put it there Reason you were muted: I don't really know you see, I was not really on the server at the time. I am asuming it was for a wonderful reason because the staff on Turtle gaming is top notch. Better than like, mexico i swear. I guess it was because that kinder girl doesn't like me. I don't know why. I am charming. When did you get muted: November Yesterday, 2017 How long you were muted for: two weeks which is basically eternity Why you should be un-muted: Don't worry I have a list 1. I didn't really do anything to get muted in the first place so, thats a kicker 2. I am actually hilarious so how do people hear my voice if i can not talk 3. Its a community server so not being able to communicate is kinda counter-intuitive, but if you are a server for logical fallacies, you got me 4. I get it (I am being serious for this one so stay tuned), sometimes I deserve all the mutes in the world. And I vouge for that. I never complain when I am muted for a good reason. I have decency, god. But this time, I was not yelling or playing best day ever on 500 volume. I was just talking with my buds. And If you could mute/ban people for being annoying, why is Astro mod. Additional information about the ban: There is a bit of a backstory, and all jokes aside, I think I should explain it for consistency and lack of confusion. I guess some of the staff members on the top of the hierarchy dislike me for some unknown reason by me. (Could you please leave it down below in this format Name: Reason for Complaint: Why I dislike Jackie: Gender: Lack of dick/pussy?: Yesterday i was told by (not gonna name names so i will censor myself) Gradist and Alaska that i was going to be banned any minute. I did not really know why because apparently the meat of the drama was occurring in the staff text channel in discord which i am not able to see, for obvious reasons. Next thing I know, Bablongdong banned me. Then like thirty minutes later *POOF* I am unbanned. So everything is dandy correct? WRONG. This afternoon i thought to myself, HEY, I have not talked to any turtle gamers for a while. Then i talk and no one responds, which is weird because usually a couple sexually deprived edge lords say i am annoying. So the smart cookie I am decides to use lil ol !comms, and KABAM, muted til december 11th. That is practically a year come on. look at that face In conclusion, unmute me.