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  1. "lofi (loaf-eye) | dj" ban appeal

    Your in-game name: lofi (loaf-eye) | dj Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:94291892 Region (EU/NA/AU): NA Reason you were banned: I played music that everyone liked except Babylon and muted me. Calle him a "fuckface" for unnecessary mute and cheeky, unprofessional remarks. Proceeded to get gagged. Changed name to "babylon is a cuck" before name was changed to garbled message. PM'd Babylon asking what the fuck was wrong with him before being banned completely. When did you get banned: Today ~9:30PM EST How long you were banned for: Forever Why you should be un-banned: It's a fucking bullshit ban that shouldn't have escalated that far and he abused his power because it's "funny." If you run a server, you should want to keep players, not be a dick and drive them away. Evidence to prove your innocence (optional, but advised): Word of mouth, Sen-Admin Fakiee420 is a witness of the entire event. Additional information about the ban: Get your shit together.