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    Name: AlexAge: 15 although 16 very soonWorking microphone?: yesTimezone: Eastern time Country: United StatesTell us about yourself: Hi I'm Alex but you can call me Magek. I like to meet new people and I like to consider myself friendly. I play almost any game. I mostly play Cs:go and Xbox with my friends. Why do you want to be a Moderator?: I want to become a moderator because I want to help out with the server. I also consider to be mature and I thought that it would be cool if I could be a mod so I could help out.Why should you become a Moderator?: I've been playing on the server for awhile now and I there's been times when I've seen people who've needed to be muted but there was no mods on and I'm on a lot so I would be able to do thatPast experience: nope this would be my first but I will learn to the best of my abilitySCENARIOS:1. Someone is mic-spamming/flaming or other in chat/voice; What do you do?Answer: If they are spamming their mic I would give them a warning and if they don't listen I would mute them for 5 minutes and if they continue after that it would go to 10 then 15 and so on. This also applies if there spamming chat I would gag them following the precedent I said 2. Another member of staff is not correctly fulfilling their role, e.g. (Power abuse/Ignoring problems) what would be the correct course of action for you to take?Answer: I would remind them of their duties and what their doing and then if they continue I would contact a higher staff member.