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Name:Ramking /Dawid

Age: 15

Working microphone?:yes

Timezone: Eastern Time Zone

Country: Of America USA

Introductory topic LINK:

Tell us about yourself: Im a 15 year old who like video games and sports, play alot of surf and dont like when people mess around on the server

Why do you want to be a Admin?:  I wanna help the community and i know sometimes when some mods are on and i wanna be Admin to keep an eye on em and handle the server when needed and if things get out of control i will contact higher staff like co's and Owner 3>

Why should you become a Admin?: I am a trusted person and i am usually on when im not busy with HW or something. I was really good with Mod and i still am.

Past experience: Been mod on ur server times ago

Current time-rank:


1. Someone is mic-spamming/flaming or other in chat/voice; What do you do?
Answer: give them a warning and if it goes on its a mute or gag

2. Another member of staff is not correctly fulfilling their role, e.g. (Power abuse/Ignoring problems) what would be the correct course of action for you to take?
Answer: Report to Babylon

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Huuuuuge +1I love this dude and he's proven to be mature at serious situations. 

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+1 'cause he's cool as far as I know.

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