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      Hello everyone! I have lowered the price for credits on our donation store! Before you got 5000 credits per 5$ now you get 15000 credits per 5$!   Enjoy   https://turtlegaming.net/donation/


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    thought it seemed appropriate for this community lol
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    post maps here to request and I will edit this top post with their links this is just a request thread, no promises that these will all be added. surf_aweles surf_borderlands surf_derpis_ksf surf_not_so_sinister surf_me surf_lessons surf_how2surf surf_the_gloaming surf_ace surf_fruits surf_physics surf_tensile_njv All of these are tier 1/2 and extremely fun and popular maps. Hopefully this format is a bit more helpful for you guys as far as adding new maps go. EDIT: Requests (not all of these are tier 1s/2s) surf_kitsune2 surf_atlantis surf_simpsons surf_catalyst2 surf_classics2
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    Sorry my father, please forgive my sinful ways
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    Aww you're too kind. Here is one of my better selfies
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    when you finally nut in her ass https://clips.twitch.tv/ThirstyBovineLEDCorgiDerp
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    Apply for training here. Also I don't think you'll get admin but mod instead. Otherwise good application. Edit: iam an idiot
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    Will do It's so awesome I get to go on a bunch of trips for free with the students
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    Just wanted to share this with you all don't know if anyone cares but here it is anyway
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    Please leave your opinions and thoughts in the comments, thank you.
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    Won't consider anything before he has a mic. On topic--- Please get a mic, then update the thread by replying with a mention of me.
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    Woah I'm the one that got @nina hooked on red bone lol
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    Hey guys this is what i look like
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    @DinMor dammn you look so hot! and did you just photo shop @Xerxes to some random chick? hahaha
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    @Names Dustin Ayy that pretty good! Could you add me on steam so I could talk to you on our teamspeak today? Our teamspeak: ts.turtlegaming.net My steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198224537044/
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    did we just become best friends
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    Don't forget to apply for training! memes
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    That moment when you promised your self to go to be early but you stayed up till 1 am looking at dark memes
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    Name: Oliver Age: 16 Working microphone?: Yes, Timezone: Gmt +1 Country: Denmark Tell us about yourself: I'm 16, i live in denmark and my name is Oliver Why do you want to be an Autismo?: Because i have autism Why should you become an Autismo?: Because i have autism Past experience: I have known i have had autism for 2 years SCENARIOS: 1 One guy claims to have autism, what do you do?: Ask ham alot of retarded and dumb questions
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    Application: Denied Reason: Under careful review with other staff you are not fit to moderate on our servers, because you have two people using your steam account and because of your statement "When I get mod, I will ban every one!" Pancakes [Closed]
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    I stand with what @ladds stated; also -1 on the the following: 1. You're not the only one who have access to your account. 2. Your brother is also using your account. 3. Your brother already threatened to ban people once you get privileges. 4. Will never risk ruining the server's Reputation over a Staff member who have their account shared and will never know if the other person will abuse or not. 5. You didn't seem to care too much when we said that there is a slim chance you'll get Moderator. @Hawaii was present when that happened. I'd suggest you to get an account which you and only you have access to it. And completely understand what Moderators do and how much work and effort the put on the server daily.
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    You don't become a moderator just so you can DJ, you have responsibilities as a moderator. What we mean by past experience is, past experience with others servers, not how much fun you've had on the server. You don't actually type anything here, it's pretty much just a header for the scenarios. Moderators can't ban, what you would do is, warn them before muting, if they continue. Mute for 15 > 30 > 60 > 120 > Contact higher staff -1 You put no effort into your application Too many errors.
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    You are allowed to play music on any of the TurtleGaming servers if you're an official DJ. If you want to DJ for the server you have to follow these rules You can’t play music through your mic, only through external software.* *for example SLAM. If a DJ is already playing music, do not start playing your music until they finish. If you want to play music and a DJ is already playing, write in chat to let the person know you also want to play. If someone is having a rap battle, try not to interrupt, if you want to say something use txt chat. If the majority of the server doesn’t like the song your playing, change the song or let others play. Try to accept peoples song recommendation. Someone is playing music but doesn't let you play You make sure to ask twice incase the person didn't notice. If they fail to let you play please contact a staff member. Gather evidence and report the player if no staff member is online. Someone is playing earrape continuously Warn the player Mute the player Contact staff member. Gather evidence. Report the player on the forum or to Co/Owner. A vote for music has more % "No" than "Yes" Take a break from playing music. Create a new vote to start music again. Written by Pancakes, edited by Nina _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is for you who want to become a DJ
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    Basically, one of your staff members, Fakie, was using his powers for personal gain. He was being an asshole for reasons I forgot, and I just talked a little shit, not to much. He then gagged me for 30 minutes. This is power abuse, as he is using moderator power for his gain. Have a good day. <3

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