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thought it seemed appropriate for this community lol

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Hello everyone!


Our servers are W.I.P(Work in progress) still. But we're working hard to make everyone happy.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has took time out of their day to register on the forums, and being a part of our small BUT great community.


100+ thanks to:

@SamLoop | Send Me Skins, @SharkFart, @RamKing, @Attemptive, @StormingMofos, @AshJR, @Jake Paul, @Dj Nick, @hazardflx, @Dj Nick Crompton, @Pastor Nick, @SpooderMan, @Cortex27, @CGO Panda, @Matt, @Rigbbby, @Zerrez, @Sibi, @Prototype David, @StraightOuttaBronze, @Big boizzz, @ladds, @NoOlive, @dillon32090227, @Fakie420, @BOOTZ, @NoOlives, @PricklyPenis, @Windows2000, @WHEllie, @oof, @noreply2, @Noreply, @sureshot, @killua, @z0hello0z, @Jusepe4K, @Harrow, @KOSDFF tK, @ForgotTheMeta, @Triq, @Benjamin, @50 Grit, @Captain_Clop, @Windows 2000, @FoxxyGrandpa, @Dr.Roids, @x_l33t TV, @The Poker, @WhosSuperior, @Denn, @BennyBananis, @CakeByTheOcean, @Luke :), @WhiperSnaperMike2.0, @Tatost, @daylanc_, @Sharky432, @GetGayed, @G1itch General, @DH7, @Noolin, @SamuelSog, @malypl, @AjaHanes, @Richardphams, @Michaelrem, @MaurineD, @JamesHes, @Jaspericeme, @KarlKarlson, @hotbitch, @Allard, @Richardzisee, @Sebastian, @Virre, @mattigames, @ILoveIcedTea, @XIII, @That Guy Again, @Kaito, @Fround, @Mio, @Maeko, @sAmaCS, @BrianSword, @skrr skrr, @Dog, @DinMor, @BoydRola, @LorrieSt, @Xerxes, @BrentonH, @Pancakes, @Cockblockula, @CerysO07, @YungSnax, @Jokem, @EugeniaI, @Homosexual, @Joker, @shrekluver, @XtrEeM03, @RudolfSt, @antodujak, @Mal, @ZeaRd, @haskage1231, @rickii23, @NatriX, @Glitch, @Nina and last but not least, @Heartbreaker.

Special thanks to the donators:

@Xerxes, @hazardflx, @ForgotTheMeta & @Pancakes.

Thank you all for being a part of our community.

Thank you all from the staff team.

Chief of staff: @G1itch General

Co-Owner: @Nina

Owner: @Babylon

EU Staff: @Heartbreaker, @rickii23, @haskage1231, @Cockblockula, @Pancakes & @DinMor

US Staff: @CakeByTheOcean, @Denn, @ForgotTheMeta, @PricklyPenis, @Fakie420, @NoOlive & @ladds

Forum Moderators: @Mio & @NatriX


Each of you has a voice, each one of these names are not numbers. Each of you are one individual person, who has taken time to register and play on our servers. It helps and means more than one of ya think. Some of you have even used more time than others administrating and moderating the servers. I am very thankful for all of your help. I could certainly not have come this far with the community alone. You're all loved by me. Thanks for being a part of a dream that i'm trying to catch. This is my passion. Thank you all. I can't say it enough, i am truly thankful even though sometimes i might be a little harsh, but it's with good means. And ya'll know that.

Thank you all.

Until next time, cheers.

Here's to another 100 members:
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