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  1. Power Abuse

    I've heard from other staff members on at the time that you were taking shit to other players and staff members, that's why you were gagged.
  2. When you cum in her ass

  3. When you cum in her ass

    when you finally nut in her ass https://clips.twitch.tv/ThirstyBovineLEDCorgiDerp
  4. TurtleGaming Video (Opinions?)

    Editing could've been better, I could probably make a better one, no offence to baby. <3
  5. Pancakes|Chief of Virginity|Global

    -1 Wouldn't cum in my ass.
  6. Hey guys I'm Betty!

    Hello fellow Canadian
  7. DJ application

    Please change the name of your thread to, <name> | Surf US | DJ 1+ Overall, not a bad application
  8. MamMaGaMmA | Surf US | DJ

    You should get to know the DJ rules before you apply, just to avoid any confusion in the future. Also, please change the name of your thread to <name> | Surf US | DJ
  9. Pesant | US Surf | Mod

    @Pesant That's very hard to believe.
  10. Count to 50,000

  11. My turtle tattoo (and hawaii tattoo)

    Holy shit, I thought you were kidding when I heard you say you have a tattoo of a turtle.
  12. Pesant | US Surf | Mod

    You don't become a moderator just so you can DJ, you have responsibilities as a moderator. What we mean by past experience is, past experience with others servers, not how much fun you've had on the server. You don't actually type anything here, it's pretty much just a header for the scenarios. Moderators can't ban, what you would do is, warn them before muting, if they continue. Mute for 15 > 30 > 60 > 120 > Contact higher staff -1 You put no effort into your application Too many errors.
  13. Scout Mod Application Surf US

    How can you even manage that many tabs, oh my god.
  14. Best Match of PUBG

  15. More maps will be added soon

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