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      CREDITS ON SALE   08/17/2017

      Hello everyone! I have lowered the price for credits on our donation store! Before you got 5000 credits per 5$ now you get 15000 credits per 5$!   Enjoy   https://turtlegaming.net/donation/


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    +1 nice dude. even helped out Cala when he was having trouble with slam.
  2. GOAT_FAG | SurfNY | Moderator

    Same as above. Never once seen you act normally. Always just being an asshole to everyone, mods and admins included. -1 You've got quite a bad reputation for yourself already. I don't see how giving you power is going to make you MORE responsible. Case in point:
  3. Fakie420 | Surf US | Admin

    You can? i thought it was a promotion. Is the application format the same as mod? I want to be an admin.
  4. When you cum in her ass

    lol that was going in
  5. Memes

    If a girl goes around town and fucks 10 different dudes she's considered a slut but if a guy does the same thing... Then he's gay. Definitely gay.
  6. My turtle tattoo (and hawaii tattoo)

    I drew this tattoo myself ....... i like turtles
  7. Show your self!

    Aww you're too kind. Here is one of my better selfies
  8. Hey guys I'm Betty!

    Hey betty wanna race
  9. Show your self!

    Hey guys this is what i look like
  10. Cala Ω | Surf US | DJ

    The server definitely needs more Redbone
  11. post maps here to request and I will edit this top post with their links this is just a request thread, no promises that these will all be added. surf_aweles surf_borderlands surf_derpis_ksf surf_not_so_sinister surf_me surf_lessons surf_how2surf surf_the_gloaming surf_ace surf_fruits surf_physics surf_tensile_njv All of these are tier 1/2 and extremely fun and popular maps. Hopefully this format is a bit more helpful for you guys as far as adding new maps go. EDIT: Requests (not all of these are tier 1s/2s) surf_kitsune2 surf_atlantis surf_simpsons surf_catalyst2 surf_classics2
  12. DJ application

    delete them
  13. Hey guys I'm Betty!

    did we just become best friends
  14. Hey guys I'm Betty!

    Bonjour monsieur

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