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      CREDITS ON SALE   08/17/2017

      Hello everyone! I have lowered the price for credits on our donation store! Before you got 5000 credits per 5$ now you get 15000 credits per 5$!   Enjoy   https://turtlegaming.net/donation/


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  1. SpooderMan | Moderator| Surf NA | With Permission of Nina

    -1 I wan't to see a bit more from you personally, i know i havent been active alot but i want to see a bit more from you. Maybe ill change my answer
  2. Funny Twitch Moments with HappyWoofer

    https://clips.twitch.tv/ClearSweetJellyfishKlappa Fcking phycho
  3. NatriX | Surf NY | DJ

    -1 plays Weeabo songs only eksde luv you doe
  4. Pinkb0i| Surf NA | DJ

    -1 Has been muted a couple of times doesnt really play good music imo. I don't trust this guy with mod perms either Sorry. Often plays meme music which i don't like
  5. FazeFangirl | SURF NA l DJ

    ?????? answer the questions lul
  6. Mew/Natrix is Love Mew/Natrix is Life

    So ive been thinking about this lately @Mew if we should go ahead and get married respond with either of those pics The ikea clothing means Yes and the Ikea logo means No <3
  7. I don't know why i made this but still

  8. Welcome fitz fanboy

    Welcome to turltegaming FanGrill
  9. MattPoutine | Surf US | Admin

    It's too late for moderator since its closed also Admin is after mod so
  10. Looking for Admins now?? NoOlives | Surf NY | Admin

    I think we should wait a bit and see its your first day so
  11. Welcome Sibi

    Welcome to turtlegaming
  12. Welcome Prototype David

    Welcome to turtlegaming my dude
  13. Welcome StraightOuttaBronze

    Welcome GANGGANG
  14. Welcome Big boizzz

    Welcome my man

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