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  1. Cala Ω | Surf US | DJ

    Application: Accepted [Closed]
  2. TurtleGaming Video (Opinions?)

    Me like a lot
  3. Memes

    I may be virgin but I ain't gay butt sex virgin! Wait a minute....
  4. IDK where to put this but I'm super hype for this!

    @CinoMania I will give you a secret on how to Americanize an international student (How it happened to me)
  5. Cala Ω | Surf US | DJ

    @Nina wait....so having chocolate glazed donuts between my ears is not normal??? ARE YOU SAYING MY PARENTS ARE LIARS?
  6. MamMaGaMmA | Surf US | DJ

    Application Accepted [Closed]
  7. Show your self!

    @Hawaii you look beautiful!
  8. I hate it when my body says: "ITS TIME TO GO TO THE BATHROOM"

    But I rather look at some lady bleach their numse on youtube

  9. Hey guys I'm Betty!

  10. Show your self!

    @DinMor dammn you look so hot! and did you just photo shop @Xerxes to some random chick? hahaha
  11. Cala Ω | Surf US | DJ

    @[DJ] Cala Ω Thank you for editing your application, and ayy thats pretty good! Add me on steam so we can talk: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198224537044/ Or join out teamspeak: ts.turtlegaming.net
  12. MamMaGaMmA | Surf US | DJ

    @MåmMåGåMmÅ | hellcase.com please familiarize yourself with DJ rules here: Also change your application title as stated by ladds. Add me on steam so we could talk about it here: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198224537044/ Or join our teamspeak: ts.turtlegaming.net
  13. DJ application

    @Names Dustin Ayy that pretty good! Could you add me on steam so I could talk to you on our teamspeak today? Our teamspeak: ts.turtlegaming.net My steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198224537044/
  14. DJ application

    Application: Denied Reason: Under the age of 15. [Closed]
  15. Name: Alexander Age: 18 Working microphone?: Yes Timezone: EET time Country: France Tell us about yourself: I am 18, born in Kazakhstan. Currently live in France. Why do you want to be an Chief of Virginity?: Because I am 18 and still a virgin, which is pretty pathetic. Why should you become an Chief of Virginity?: Because I am 18 and still a virgin, which is pretty pathetic. Past experience: I have been a virgin for 18 years SCENARIOS: 1 A person comes on the server and makes fun of your situation. What do you do? Answer: I would laugh and say "yeah boi" but then cry when I will be laying in bed at 2 AM. 2 Your friend or someone else ask you "Why don't you go get laid then?" What will you answer? Answer: I would come up with some excuse and then change the subject, then I will either go offline and cry or get drunk.

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