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      Hello everyone! I have lowered the price for credits on our donation store! Before you got 5000 credits per 5$ now you get 15000 credits per 5$!   Enjoy   https://turtlegaming.net/donation/



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  1. TurtleGaming Video (Opinions?)

    Love the video, I would've liked for you to use a cooler font, haha this one looks basic, but the concept is great. ps. could use some redbone
  2. Cala Ω | Surf US | DJ

    +1 This guy seems like he has something between his two ears, would love to have more people like that on the server.
  3. TheRomanEmpy/Surf NY/Server Developer

    +1 This guy is really nice, it would also be nice to have more programmers.
  4. Oliver | Autismo | EU

    Application: Accepted Welcome to the autismo team, if you have any autismo please dont hesitate to ask for help.
  5. Look who just got a subscribe button BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! :lol:


    1. Pancakes


      ooo nice, whats your paypal?

    2. Xerxes



  6. Scout Mod Application Surf US

    I like your app, however you are required to have a microphone to work as a mod, if you were to get one soon we could sign you up for mod training. Please let us know,
  7. Surf_mesa is currently disabled due to it crashing the server. We are not using prestrafe due to it not being "legit" times, we want to be able to compete against other server records and even world records. New maps should be added soon, please note we are working very hard on our servers and our main priority is to keep them running, so things such as maps, comes second. Thank you for understanding,
  8. I would like to become a DJ

    Hello Skittles if you would like to apply as a DJ you need to use the application format; And you also need to read the DJ rules; So please go to the right corner of your thread and use the edit button so you can copy paste the format in and fill it out, Thank you.
  9. Why are people offended?

    To me, and most of the staff it's each to it's own weather they will mute on the N-word or the country Niger, however I don't think racism has a place on our servers, and it's the same if it's towards white, asian or mixed. I will also mute the people that try to discuss why it should be allowed, and try to get around it by using Niger, or others. If you are a racist and think it's fine to use such slurs, you can use it around people that do not care, or get don't get offended. However you wouldn't do the same if it were in real life, this is what distincts attitude, we are all strangers on the servers, you don't know our skin color or our religion, which is why it shouldn't matter or even be brought up. Our server is a place for everyone no matter what they are, and they should be welcomed just the same. If you think our rules are wrong, that's fine, should you discuss it on our servers, No. - The only solution for you is to find another server that allows this, or live with the rules just like everyone else does.
  10. CinoMania - DJ App

    +1 I like this guy, should try out the moderator quiz.
  11. Hello Denn, When you make a staff report, please use the format for it. However - Looking over this it seems Ramking probably misunderstood the vote from Music being No, since his job is to play Music, I will try to clear this up with the DJ's. Please note that Ramking is also new staff and are still learning, if this were to happen I would recommend you tried to add him and write him on Steam to make sure he saw your message. Or you could talk to him on Teamspeak. If you still wish to Report Ramking, then edit your thread and put in the format. Nina
  12. I would really like if any members could reply to this thread and either +1 or -1. Nina
  13. MattPoutine | Surf US | Admin

    Hello Matt, Since Admin is higher than the moderator position we usually don't accept applications unless it's a special case. Now I don't know if you're still interested in applying for staff, but since your application is very fine we could make an exception and change it to moderator instead. Please reply here and let me know if you're still interested, till then the application will be on hold. Application: Pending.. Nina
  14. Killua | Surf US/NY | Moderator

    Hello, sorry for the late reply, but I waited for some of the members to either +1 or -1 you. Since that isn't the case here I need to know if you're still interested in being an admin for the Surf Server as I have not seen you on the server since then. Till you reply note that this application will be on hold. Application: Pending.. Nina
  15. Ramking | SURF NY | DJ

    I would really like if anyone could comment on this app to let me know if this person should be accepted or not - as I have not seen/met this user on the server.

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