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      CREDITS ON SALE   08/17/2017

      Hello everyone! I have lowered the price for credits on our donation store! Before you got 5000 credits per 5$ now you get 15000 credits per 5$!   Enjoy   https://turtlegaming.net/donation/


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    "Who is also a DJ" why mute 🤔
  2. Power Abuse

    First of all use the correct format. Second of all. Evidence? "He was being an asshole for reasons I forgot, and I just talked a little shit" sure
  3. Fakie420 | Surf US | Admin

    @Xerxes you can apply for admin. Also i just noticed the position is closed atm sorry @Pancakes what do you think?
  4. Fakie420 | Surf US | Admin

    @Fakie420 lmao iam blind sorry about that, just ignore my post. I should look out for tags more, i just assumed you were new. sorry! Good luck!
  5. Fakie420 | Surf US | Admin

    Apply for training here. Also I don't think you'll get admin but mod instead. Otherwise good application. Edit: iam an idiot
  6. Pancakes|Chief of Virginity|Global

    Don't forget to apply for training! memes
  7. bReak | Surf US | Mod

    Apply for training.
  8. I would like to become a DJ

    If you want to apply atleast use the correct format. CLOSED
  9. Scout Mod Application Surf US

    @Scout He's on right now actually!
  10. Scout Mod Application Surf US

    If he doesn't add you then add him here Click me! If you add him yourself then tell him that he has mod training with you.
  11. Kruzer / Surf US/ Moderator

    You posted 3 applications on accident i guess, i deleted the other 2. Apply for moderator training. Click me!
  12. CinoMania | Surf US | Mod

    Apply for moderator training here. Click me!
  13. Hawaii | Surf US | Mod

    Apply for training Click me!
  14. Scout Mod Application Surf US

    Can't get accepted without one unless you like typing in all caps chat. Apply for training here if you wanna give it a try without a mic Click me! Also holy crap close those tabs.

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