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  1. New Store ShowCase

    So yeah we will upload a new store with alot of new stuff, and more to come, this will come on all servers later. When there is no players online. New things for normal store: Aura Spawn and Kill effects New pets that runs and fly right New Tags Backpacks Premium: Premium Aura Premium Trails Premium Backpacks Premium Spawn and Kill Effects Premium Tags Premium Tails Premium Skins Much more Normal Store for non premium players. Store For Premium
  2. Show us your Battle Station

    Uhhh nice brother pancake <3
  3. Show us your Battle Station

    @Pancakes you got that new good stuff ?
  4. New Maps

    I will look the maps up and see if there are supported for csgo
  5. Bugged server settings(?)

    Well maybe the maps need to convert i will fix this tomorrow
  6. Count to 50,000

    42 "im drunk tonight"
  7. Am good now?

    Well im pretty good at this game xD. always top 10 Solo ofc
  8. Heartbreaker | NY Surf | Admin

    Wtf am i reading? @That Guy Again well i will consider to give you the next warning again, this is number 2 and if you get the 3 warning you will be banned, these post are so inappropriate you have already got one warning, and then you take the chances to go for stuff like that, heartbreaker is doing good at the eu and NY servers and you dont have any powers so i dont see a reason for your opinion to this topic, you are disrespecting a staff member, why the hell do you think you have the power to speak like this.
  9. Welcome z0hello0z

    Welcome to you @z0hello0z, i hope you enjoy the servers and the forum. if there is anything just pm me
  10. So corrently we have added store to the surf US server, the next things that will be done is in this list, and please leave a comment on things you want, or any ideas for the server go to Here. The new projects are so: Premium on the servers and forum Making store more wide with more features New Rank system for Team Death Match servers with web stats 1v1 arena with Match Making Rank style Zombie Escape with alot of features Some new maps for surf US and EU Chat tag for admins/vip/mod More support through call admin or a steam bot Current state: 16% 10% 25% 50% 75% 100% This work will take alot of our time therefore is it important that our admins are active to support our players.
  11. The Glitch

  12. Xerxes | Jailbreak | Admin

    I would recommend you to the owners this is a good staff application. +1 from me.
  13. adding wr bot on surf.

    So as in the video i do the command and the command execute. This is the way to add the wr bot otherwise there is a bug with the server command start line with -nobots.
  14. Post Rules Of Tutorials.

    Rules here for these topics are simple, the tuts have to fill out its name. No discriminatory notice No bad words It needs info about the topic It has to be something usefull Remeber links and thanks to the people who helped Topics will be approved by G1itch or Babylon
  15. New hh9 edit

    All new stuff like. Wings Round end sounds Rtv System Giveaway system for store Coinflip for store Jackpot For store Only on the hh9. Players are loving it

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