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      CREDITS ON SALE   08/17/2017

      Hello everyone! I have lowered the price for credits on our donation store! Before you got 5000 credits per 5$ now you get 15000 credits per 5$!   Enjoy   https://turtlegaming.net/donation/

You donated but did not receive your perks/credits?

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Pancakes    36

If you have donated but did not receive your perks/credits, submit your ticket on this thread using the following format.


Steam ID (Steam ID finder):

Date you donated:

The problem you encountered:

After you have submitted your ticket on this thread, our staff team will contact you immediately to resolve the problem. 

*When you will be submitting your ticket on this thread, you are only permitted to submit information following the format, anything else will be removed. 

*During the meeting with our staff, they may request the proof of donation, a screenshot of PayPal transaction or ticket. 

*Do not post the amount of your donation on this thread, reserve this information for the meeting.

*Only @Babylon and @Nina may assist you with this problem. Do not address other staff.

*Keep in mind that all of the payments are final, no refunds. 

*Meetings will take place at ts.turtlegaming.net

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