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DJ Getting Started

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Nina    26

This thread is a getting started guide for the Turtlegaming DJ's where I'm gonna go into detail about what you need to know.

Were gonna cover

  • SLAM 
  • Basic commands
  • Requests & Breaks
  • Q&A

SLAM - Source Audio Live Mixer 

We mostly use SLAM as the program for playing music ingame, because it's free and easy to use

If you don't have SLAM installed or never used SLAM, please watch this Video Guide.

Basic Commands

The commands you wanna know are commands such as

  • !msay
  • sm_vote
  • !mute
  • !admin
  • !title


!msay is used for displaying a message, such as !msay If you want to request a song type in chat!

The message will be displayed for all players in the servers, please only use this command if it is useful.


The sm_vote command is used to create a vote, such as sm_vote Music "Yes" "No" 

The vote will also pop up in the right corner and people can vote pressing either 1 or 2, depending on how many answers you put. Keep the votes for music only!

Please note that even if the answer is for example "No" the vote will write "Vote was successfull 47% voted No" - Don't be put off by the Successfull!


Now I cannot stress this enough, but do not use the mute command if there are other staff members on, such as Moderators, Admins, Chief of Staff, Co-owner, Owner.

Your job is to play music, and their job is to make sure everyone is keeping in line. 

The only time you are allowed to use the !mute command is when there is absolutley no other staff members on!

!mute is used to block a player from using voicechat, such as !mute nina 15 music
Nina is now muted for 15 mintues, before you mute Nina you make sure to warn her, that what she is doing isn't allowed and will cause her to get muted.
If Nina continues after the 15 minutes to break the rules, you double the punishment. It goes from 15 > 30 > 60 > 120 - If Nina still breaks the rules after 120 minutes of a mute, you get her SteamID, and write to an Admin to get her punished.


This command displays all the available commands for you, that doesn't mean that you should use them. 

You write !admin in the chat, a menu pops up in the left corner, you navigate by using 1234567890, you can mute and kick players that have weird names that can't be written. 

Please note that if you use the !admin menu to mute a person it will only be a session mute, which means when the map changes the user is unmuted.


This command enables or disables the title you put on, such as !title then press 1 or 2 you can see if you're wearing the title or not.

Requests and breaks

When you're playing music people are allowed to come with requests, they can be vocal or in chat. You're not bound to take requests, and when you do accept, please let the person know.
Make sure that before you play music that the music isn't directly racist, rap songs with the n-word is allowed but please keep it minimal.

At some point you're gonna get a little tired of playing music all day, you can always do !title and take off the DJ tag if you just wanna surf and not play music.


Q: Now that I'm a DJ am I also a Moderator?

A: No, in the Staff hierarchy you are underneath a Moderator, which means you have to listen to Moderator and beyond.

Q: Am I allowed to play Earrape?

A: No, we want people to enjoy the music you're playing.

Q: Someone doesn't like my music, can I mute him?

A: No, the best way to figure out if people wants to listen to what you're playing is by creating a vote. See sm_vote. 



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